Theses and Dissertations

Stream Ecology Laboratory Theses and Dissertations: 

Bauer, Candice Rae
Ecological interactions among the “exotic triad”, Eurasian ruffe (gymnocephalus cernuus), round gobies (neogobius melanostomus), and zebra mussels (dreissena polymorpha), and their effects on native yellow perch (perca flavescens)
Dissertation 2003

Cak, Anthony Daniel 
The Influence of Spawning Salmon on Nutrient Dynamics and Epilithon Growth in Southeastern Alaska Streams and Estuaries 
Master's Thesis 2005

Charlebois, Patrice
The Effects of Crayfish (Orconectes Rusticus) on the Macroinvertebrate and Algal Assemblages in a Northern Michigan Stream
Master's Thesis 1994 

Conard, Whitney
Integration of legacy and emerging contaminants in aquatic ecosystems of the Great Lakes region
Dissertation 2022

Cooper, Matthew J.
Structure and function of Great Lakes coastal wetlands
Dissertation 2014

Costello, David
Effects of invasive species and chemical contaminants on biogeochemical fluxes across ecosystem boundaries
Dissertation 2009

Deen (Bobeldyk), Angela 
Spread and impacts of freshwater invasive invertebrates in North America 
Dissertation 2009 

Entrekin, Sally Ann
The Response of Organic Matter Dynamics and Macroinvertebrates to Experimental Wood Additions in Three Michigan Streams
Dissertation 2008

Evans, Nathan T.
Improving detection and community assessment of rare and at-risk fishes
Dissertation 2016

Fowler, Andrea
Linking Policy and Ecology in the Management of Aquatic Ecosystems: Stream Restoration and Invasive Species Legislation 
Master's Thesis 2010

Gerig, Brandon S.
Controls of contaminant biotransport by Pacific salmon to Great Lakes tributaries
Dissertation 2017 

Larson, James
Interactions between dissolved organic matter sources and effects in stream ecosystems 
Dissertation 2006 

Janetski, David
Ecological effects of introduced Pacific salmon in Great Lakes tributaries
Dissertation 2011

Kulacki, Konrad J.
Proactive Aquatic Ecotoxicology: A Hazard Assessment of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids
Dissertation 2009

Miesbauer, Jean Marie 
An Assessment of Large Woody Debris, Fish Populations, and Organic Matter Retention in Upper Midwestern Forested Streams 
Master's Thesis 2004

Mitchell, Nicole Lee
Effects of spawning salmon on nutrient dynamics and epilithon in southeast Alaska streams. 
Master's Thesis 2002

Moerke, Ashley Heather
Physical and biological responses to restoration of two Indiana streams. 
Master's Thesis 2000

Moerke, Ashley Heather
Landscape Influences on stream ecosystems: implications for restoration and management. 
Dissertation 2004

Rüegg, Janine
Responses of Stream Biofilm to Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus ssp.) Spawners: The Role of Environmental Context and Scale
Dissertation 2011

O'Reilly, Katherine
Environmental change in Great Lakes coastal ecosystems
Dissertation 2022

Shirey, Patrick Douglas
An interdisciplinary approach to inform ecological restoration and environmental policy : merging ecology, history, and law
Dissertation 2013

Strauss, Eric Allen
The Effects of organic carbon and nitrogen availability on nitrification rates in stream sediments. 
Dissertation 2000

Tillman, Danielle Catherine-Anne 
The influence of surface water-groundwater interactions on sediment organic matter dynamics in a second-order Michigan stream. 
Dissertation 1999

Vizza, Carmella
Chemical and microbial drivers of pond ecosystem function in the Copper River Delta, Alaska
Dissertation 2018

Yamamuro, Asako Melody 
Relationships Between Benthic Organic Matter and Invertebrates in Sand Substrates of Northern Michigan Streams 
Master's Thesis 2004

Affiliated Dissertations (Lamberti on Thesis Committee):

Arango, Clay Porter 
Anthropogenic and landscape factors control stream nitrogen transformations at multiple spatial scales
Dissertation 2007

Beaulieu, Jake J 
Controls on greenhouse gas emissions from headwater streams
Dissertation 2007

Blumenshine, Steven C.
Responses of benthic macroinvertebrates to whole lake manipulations of fish and nutrient loading rates. 

Bruesewitz, Denise Ann 
The Effects of Invasive Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) on Nitrogen Cycling in Freshwater Ecosystems of the Midwestern United States
Dissertation 2008

Burks, Romi Lynn
Daphnia in littoral zones: Costs and benefits of diel horizontal migration (DHM) 

Chapin, Carmen Theresa
Plant community response and nutrient dynamics as a result of manipulations of pH and nutrients in a bog and fen in northeastern Minnesota. 

Choate, David M.
Cougar-Induced Behavioral Plasticity: Ungulate Behavior Under the Risk of Predation on the National Bison Range
Dissertation 2009

Docherty, Kathryn M
Toxicity, Mutagenicity and Biodegradability of Novel Green Chemicals: Imidazolium and Pyridinium Ionic Liquids
Dissertation 2007

Drake, John Matthew 
Risk Analysis for Biological Invasions of the Laurentian Great Lakes and Inland Aquatic Ecosystems 
Dissertation 2004

Dunlap, Michael Sean
The odonata of the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and factors affecting their distribution. 

Ehrman, Terrence Patrick
The use of corn pollen and glass beads to estimate fine particulate organic matter retention. 

Eike, David Michael 
Property Prediction of Novel Compounds Using Statistical Analysis and Molecular Simulations
Dissertation 2006

Froelich, Adrienne Julia
Waterfowl-macrophyte Interactions: Implications for Conservation of Freshwater Ecosystems. 

Griffiths, Natalie
Quantifying the impact of row-crop agriculture on carbon dynamics in Midwestern streams
Dissertation 2010 

Gwaltney, Courtney Ryan
Reliable Location of Equilibrium States and Bifurcations in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Applications in Food Web Modeling and Chemical Engineering. 

Heilman, Mark A.
Effects of submersed, vascular plants on methane cycling and release from the littoral zone of lakes. 

Hill, Anna M.
Competition and predation as mechanisms of replacement of congeneric crayfishes by the exotic crayfish orconectes rusticus (Girard) 

Hoellein, Timothy J 
The effects of seasonality and restoration on stream nutrient cycling at multiple spatial scales
Dissertation 2008

Inwood, Sarah E. Eichler 
The Influence of Land Use on Denitrification in Headwater Streams in the Kalamazoo River Watershed, Michigan 
Master's Thesis 2004

Iversen, Colleen Marie 
Effects of Increased Nitrogen and Phosphorus Availability on Plant Productivity and Nutrient Use at Multiple Ecological Scales in Northern Peatlands 
Master's Thesis 2004

Johnson, Laura Taylor 
The influence of land use on the role of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen in stream nutrient processing
Dissertation 2008

Keller, Reuben Peter 
Ecological and Bioeconomic Risk Assessment for Invasive Species 
Dissertation 2006 

Kershner, Mark Wallace
The impact of landscape pattern on the invasion of Northern Wisconsin lakes by the crayfish, orconectes rusticus . 

Kolar, Cynthia S.
Freshwater nonindigenous species: Risk analyses of the Laurentian Great Lakes. 

Kohlhepp, Gary W. 
Life histories, secondary production rates, and trophic dynamics of five benthic invertebrates in two north temperate streams. 

Latimore, Jo A.
Impacts of golf course construction and stream diversion on benthic invertebrates and sediment in Juday Creek, Indiana.

Laursen, Andrew E. 
Effects of atrazine on stream nitrogen cycling processes: implications for agriculturally impacted streams in the Midwestern United States. 

Levi, Peter
The influence of salmon-derived nutrients and forest management history on ecosystem function in southeaster Alaska streams
Dissertation 2012

Roley, Sarah
The influence of floodplain restoration on stream ecosystem function in an agricultural landscape
Dissertation 2012

Savino, Damien M.
Urban River Restoration: The Confluence Between Restoration of People and Restoration of Place in Light of Holling’s Dynamic of Creative Destruction and Bonaventure’s Theology of Human Mediation.

Wall, Lareina Gail
Spatial and temporal variability in sediment denitrification within an agriculturally influenced reservoir.

Wang, Hong
The response of a laboratory stream system to PCB exposure: study of periphytic and sediment dynamics.