Current Teaching at the University of Notre Dame Gary A. Lamberti  

1.  Undergraduate Courses   
Biostatistics (BIOS 40411) and Biostatistics Tutorial (BIOS 42411) 
This course is designed primarily for students who plan to attend graduate or professional school, and thus will be working with their own data or critically analyzing existing data in the literature.  Students learn about the theory and application of commonly used statistical methods in biology, collectively known as "inferential statistics".  Emphasis is placed on practical uses of statistics in biology, but students entering the business sector also will learn the major statistical techniques applied to all data.  A weekly computer laboratory/tutorial gives students practice in analyzing data collected as part of the course or from other sources.

2.  Graduate Courses   
Stream Ecology (BIOS 60527) and Stream Ecology Laboratory (BIOS 61527) 
The goals of this course are (1) to provide an understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological organization of streams, (2) to evaluate current theory in stream and watershed ecology, (3) to provide a watershed perspective for studying flowing waters and for interpreting the effects of man's activities on streams and rivers, and (4) to develop state-of-the-art laboratory and field skills for conducting stream research.  This course is currently team-taught with Dr. Jennifer Tank.     

Other courses taught on rotating basis, depending on student needs:

Restoration Ecology (BIOS 60573)
This course focuses on the ecological principles that underlie ecosystem restoration  and the evaluation of actual restoration efforts with case histories.  We give balanced attention to terrestrial (e.g., forests, prairies, arid lands) and aquatic ecosystems (e.g., lakes, streams, wetlands, estuaries).  The format is be lecture/discussion of current literature, and each student leads the discussion of several papers over the course of the semester.  The goals of the course are (1) to familiarize students with the theory and practice of ecosystem restoration, (2) to understand the ecological basis of restoration, and (3) to evaluate examples of restoration from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems                                                          
Advanced Aquatic Ecology (BIOS 60561)                               
Ecological Methods (BIOS 60573; co-taught with Dr. David Lodge)      
Practicum in Environmental Biology (BIOS 60523 – summer session) 
Practicum in Aquatic Biology (BIOS 60569 – team-taught summer session)   

3.  Past Seminars Offered
Ecological Experimentation 
Lentic-Lotic Linkages 
Advanced Ecological Statistics 
Aquatic Ecosystems & Global Change 
Current Ecological Theory 
Environmental Law