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Dr. Gary Lamberti
Research Assistant Professor  

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Dr. Dominic Chaloner
Graduate Students  

Conard 2019 Biophotowebstudent

Whitney Conard
5th year Ph.D. student

Studying Great Lakes human caused stressors including food web contaminants, invasive species, and coastal wetland degradation

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Natalie Levesque
2nd year M.S. student

Studying the ecology of an introduced aquatic plant (Elodea canadensis) in Alaskan ponds

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Katherine O'Reilly
6th year Ph.D. student

Quantifying trophic linkages between coastal wetlands and nearshore Lake Michigan

Field Work Pic 3 Webstudent

Elise Snyder
1st year Pd.D. student

Studying how environmental DNA moves in flowing water


Sarah Klepinger

Sarah Klepinger
Laboratory Manager

Yolonda Web

Yolonda Wiens
Administrative Assistant

Ellen Foley
Senior, pursuing a BS in Environmental Sciences

Creating a resource management tool to determine which Great Lakes coastal wetlands are most at risk for invasion by non-native species.
Firas Web
Firas Houssein
Senior, pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences

Working with the Coastal Wetlands Monitoring Project.
Rachel Web
Rachel Hughes
Junior, pursuing a BS in Liberal Studies and Environmental Sciences supp.

Working with the Elodea project, prepping and analyzing stable isotope samples to create a food web model for southern Alaska.
Sam Bosio Web
Samuel Bosio
Sophomore, pursuing a BS in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Sustainability

Analyzing the efficacy and feasibility of various stream restoration methods.
Joe Web
Joseph Gentine
Sophomore, pursuing a BS in Environmental Sciences and Economics

Researching chlorophyll levels in Great Lakes coastal wetlands.
Genessee Web
Genesee Kortick
Sophomore, pursuing a BS in Environmental Sciences

Studying Alaskan wetland ecosystems by helping prepare soil samples, insect samples, and entering data.
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