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Dr. Gary Lamberti
I am interested in all aspects of stream, river, and wetland ecosystems on a changing planet.

Dr. Lamberti is the Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, CSC, Professor of Aquatic Science in the Department of Biological Sciences.  He guides the Stream and Wetland Ecology Laboratory in conducting vital research on aquatic ecosystems of the Great Lakes region and also in Alaska.

Teaching Professor  
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Dr. Dominic Chaloner

I am interested in migratory fish and their ecological effect on streams and rivers, and also how to effectively teach and train science students.

I currently teach several required courses for Environmental Sciences majors while also being the academic advisor for the major. I'm also involved in promoting strategies for addressing science virtues in education and training, including through art-science collaborations.


Assistant Research Professor  
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Dr. Daniele De Almeida Miranda
Research Assistant Professor

Interested in the biomagnification of PFAS in the Great Lakes.
Graduate Students  
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Amaryllis Adey
Ph.D. Student

Studying the ecology of coastal wetlands in Alaska and the Great Lakes.

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Elise Snyder
Ph.D. Candidate

Studying the transport and fate of environmental DNA in flowing water

People Alison

Alison Zachritz
Ph.D. Student

Studying the emerging contaminant PFAS (per- and poly fluoroalkyl
substances) in the Great Lakes food web.


Sarah Klepinger

Sarah Klepinger
Laboratory Manager

Supports undergraduate and graduate researchers by processing samples, performing chemical and data analyses, coordinating with research partners, training newcomers, performing day-to-day laboratory maintenance, and leading the summer survey crew. 

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Yolonda Wiens
Administrative Assistant

Supports researchers by ordering supplies for lab and field work.  Manages grant funding and the lab website.
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Juan Flores
Senior, pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences

Studying the magnification and movement of PFAS in lake ecosystems.
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Corbin Hite
Senior, pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences, 

Conducting water chemistry measurements and stable isotope analysis to determine the ecological impact of the invasive Elodea plant on Alaskan freshwater ecosystems
Peter Martin
Peter Martin
Senior, pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences, Concentration in Ecology and Environment

Investigating the accumulation and distribution of PFAS in various species of the Lake Michigan ecosystem


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Kristin Schaars 

Senior, pursuing a BS in Science - Business 

Studying the environmental consequences of PFAS, specifically within the Great Lakes ecosystems.

Kade Kruer 
Junior, pursuing a BS in Political Science/Pre-Health. 

Investigating man-made compounds called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in fish. 
Thaddeus Lipinski
Junior '25 Environmental Science Major/CST Minor

Conducting amphibian surveys of Lydick Bog and researching causes related to the decline in amphibians globally and within our region.
Kaitlin Mohlenkamp
Junior, pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences, Concentration in Ecology and Environment

Studying the movement and accumulation of PFAS in the Great Lakes ecosystems.
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Therese Reisch
Junior, pursuing a BS in Environmental Sciences

Studying the movement and biomagnification of PFAS in Great Lakes ecosystems.
Gracie Speicher
Sophomore, pursuing a BS in Environmental Science
Investigating food webs of Alaskan wetlands in response to the invasive plant Elodea
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